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Lung Cancer Surgery Specialist

Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA -  - General Surgery

Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA

General Surgery & Advanced Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgeon located in Katy, TX

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in men and women in the United States. Lung cancer surgery is a treatment option for individuals with lung cancer. Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, in Katy, Texas, excels in performing lung cancer surgery. The patient-centered surgeon uses advanced techniques to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. To schedule an appointment to discuss your lung cancer surgery options, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Lung Cancer Surgery Q&A


Lung cancer is a type of cancer originating in the lungs. Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer; however, non-smokers can also develop lung cancer.

There are two types of lung cancer:

Small cell lung cancer

Small cell lung cancer is one of the least common types of cancer; however, it is fast-growing. Smoking increases your risk of developing small cell lung cancer.  

Non-small cell lung cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer includes all other types of lung cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and large cell carcinoma.

Am I a candidate for lung cancer surgery?

Lung cancer treatment depends on many factors, including lung cancer type, stage, overall health, and personal preferences. 

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau enjoys helping his lung cancer patients. He may recommend lung cancer surgery if the procedure gives you the best chance for survival. Typically, he performs lung cancer surgery when the cancerous tumor is localized and not likely to spread. 

What are the types of lung cancer surgery?

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau performs many types of lung cancer surgery depending on your tumor’s type, location, and size. The types of lung cancer surgery include:


A lobectomy involves taking out the lobe of the lung that has the cancerous tumor. It’s the most common lung cancer surgical procedure. 


During a segmentectomy, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau removes only the segment of the lobe with the malignant tumor.

Wedge resection

With a wedge resection, the skilled thoracic surgeon removes a wedge-shaped portion of your lung that contains cancer. 


For a pneumonectomy, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau takes out the entire cancer-ridden lung. 

What are the lung cancer surgery methods?

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau uses various methods when performing lung cancer surgery for the best outcome. The two most common methods include:


During a thoracotomy, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau makes incisions in your back and side to gain access to the cancerous lung. For the procedure, he cuts through your chest wall and widens your ribs.

Minimally invasive surgery

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau also uses minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer. He uses small incisions and surgical cameras that transmit images of your lungs to a computer screen. He then uses small surgical instruments to perform lung cancer surgery.

Call the office of Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, or book an appointment online to schedule your lung cancer surgery consultation today.

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