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The Doctor performs the following cases:

Carotid Surgery
Thyroid Surgery
Parathyroid Surgery
Thyroglossal Cyst Removal (a mass or lump in the front part of neck that is filled with fluid)
Excision of Neck Mass

Lung Surgery
Lung Cancer Surgery
Breast Cancer Surgery
Mediastinal Mass Resections
Surgery for Pneumothorax
Surgery for Pleural Effusion
Excision of Chest Mass
Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Gallbladder Surgery
Colon Surgery
Small bowel Surgery
Appendectomy (appendix surgery)
Hernia Surgery
Excision of Abdominal Mass
Splenectomy (Spleen Surgery)

Catheter Placement for Dialysis or Chemotherapy
Varicose Veins Surgery
Excision of Masses in: Extremities, Back.
Drainage of Abscesses.
Removal of Cyst

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Jaime Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA
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Katy, TX 77493
Phone: 281-318-6770
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