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Hernia Repair Specialist

Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA -  - General Surgery

Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA

Thoracic, Robotic, Vascular and General Surgeon located in Katy, TX

Hernia repair is the primary treatment for hernias, which occur when internal organs or fatty tissue protrude through a weakened area of muscle or connective tissue. Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, in Katy, Texas, is an experienced general surgeon who takes a holistic and conservative approach to care. He uses advanced techniques for hernia repair, so you get the best outcomes. To schedule your hernia repair consultation, call the office or book online today.

Hernia Repair Q&A

What is a hernia?

A hernia is a protrusion of an internal organ or fatty tissue through the muscle or tissue meant to contain it. Most hernias occur in the abdominal or groin area. The location of your hernia determines the type, which includes:

  • Inguinal hernias: lower abdominal area
  • Femoral hernia: groin area
  • Umbilical hernia: at or near the belly button
  • Hiatal hernia: stomach protrudes up and into the chest cavity
  • Incisional hernia: protrusion at the site of an abdominal surgical scar

With a hernia, you may notice bulging or swelling at the site of the protrusion. You may also have pain that worsens during activity. 

Who needs hernia repair?

When you visit Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, for a hernia consultation, he determines if you need hernia repair. Hernias don’t improve on their own, and surgery is the primary treatment.

However, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau takes a holistic approach to surgery and only recommends hernia repair if it causes severe symptoms or increases your risk of developing other health complications. 

What are the types of hernia repair procedures?

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau creates personalized surgical treatment plans for hernia repair based on hernia type, medical history, and personal preferences. When performing hernia repair, he may use one of three techniques, such as:

Traditional open hernia repair

During a traditional open hernia repair, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau makes an incision through your abdomen at the site of your hernia. He then pushes the protruding tissue back in place and stitches the weakened tissue or reinforces it with a mesh. 

Laparoscopic hernia repair

Laparoscopic hernia repair is a minimally invasive surgical technique. During the procedure, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau inserts a laparoscope through a small incision in your abdomen, which has a light and camera and allows him to see the site of your hernia on a computer monitor.

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau places a mesh at the site of the weakened tissue to strengthen and support the area. He then sutures the incisions. 

Robotic hernia repair

Robotic hernia repair is also a minimally invasive surgical technique. During the procedure, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau uses robotic-assisted tools to visualize and repair your weakened tissue. 

With robotic hernia repair, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau may stitch the weakened tissue or place a surgical mesh to reinforce it. He can’t stitch closed the weakened tissue during laparoscopic hernia repair. 

Call Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, or schedule your hernia repair consultation online today. 

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