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Breast Surgery Specialist

Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA -  - General Surgery

Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA

Thoracic, Robotic, Vascular and General Surgeon located in Katy, TX

One out of every eight women in the United States develops invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast surgery to remove the malignant tumor is the primary treatment for breast cancer. At his practice in Katy, Texas, experienced general surgeon Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, takes a holistic approach to patient care and surgery. He works one-on-one with you to design a breast surgery plan that best meets your needs. Call the office or book a consultation online today.

Breast Surgery Q&A

What are the types of breast surgery?

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau performs breast surgery to treat breast cancer. The two most common types of breast surgery procedures include:

Breast-conserving surgery

Breast-conserving surgery, also known as a lumpectomy, is a surgical procedure that only removes the cancerous portion of the breast. With breast-conserving surgery, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau preserves as much of your natural breast tissue as possible.

Women who have breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer need radiation therapy following their procedure. Radiation therapy destroys any remaining cancer cells and reduces your risk of a recurrence.  


During a mastectomy, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau removes all of your breast tissue and some of the surrounding tissue. Depending on the stage of your breast cancer, personal history, and family history, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau may perform a double mastectomy, removing both breasts. 

Women who have a mastectomy may not need radiation therapy following their breast surgery. However, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau may talk to you about breast reconstruction surgery and refer you to a plastic surgeon before your mastectomy to discuss your options. 

What can I expect during a breast surgery consultation?

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau is an experienced general surgeon who takes a holistic and patient-centered approach to care. He understands how breast cancer and breast surgery affect your physical and emotional well-being.

During your breast surgery consultation, he spends time talking to you about your concerns and wishes. He then reviews your medical history and performs a physical. He may also request diagnostic imaging tests to help him develop your custom surgical plan. 

What can I expect during breast surgery?

Breast surgery is a major surgery that Dr. Roman-Pavajeau performs at the hospital. He uses general anesthesia during the procedure, so you’re asleep. The specifics of your breast surgery depend on the type of surgery you need and your tumor’s size.

Dr. Roman-Pavajeau reviews your surgical plan with you during your pre-surgical consultation to know what to expect.

What happens after breast surgery?

After your breast surgery, Dr. Roman-Pavajeau sends you to the recovery room for monitoring and may send you home the same day. However, if you had a mastectomy immediately followed by breast reconstruction surgery, you may need to spend the night at the hospital for monitoring and care.

To schedule your breast surgery consultation, call the office of Jaime L. Roman-Pavajeau, MD, PA, or book an appointment online today. 

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