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Instructions for Pre-Operative Visits


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you with the most valuable asset you have, your health.

With our practice you will find the highest quality of care rendered by our expertly trained Doctor and professional staff members. You will find friendly attitudes during the entire process of your surgical care, therefore don’t hesitate to ask questions and express your concerns.

We are aware that any surgery brings stress and concern to you and your loved ones. For that reason we want to help you to ease your stress and prevent any issues or delays in your procedure, below we are including some valuable information to you and your family members.


During the Pre-Op visit, the Doctor will schedule a time and date for your procedure and he will send the order to the facility of your selection (Memorial Hermann Katy, Methodist Hospital, or any other where the doctor has privileges).

He will review with you and your family member the whole surgical process and will explain extensively the details of your procedure, as well as he will get the consent for your surgery.

The office will give you clear instructions for your surgery preparations and material to revise before your surgery.

To make sure your surgical experience is safe and successful; we encourage you to follow all instructions given in regards to: exercise, smoking or drinking, following precise instructions in regards to your medications or natural products use, taking care of your diet from 2-6 week prior to surgery, a balanced diet is very important for the recuperation phase.

We will also invite you to plan ahead for your surgery in regards to your work or activities, transportation, and what to bring to the hospital. Our office will give you clear information about it.

Prior to your procedure we will speak with your insurance carrier regarding your coverage and we will inform you of your financial responsibility with us and what to expect from other medical providers in the process.

The office will assist you with financial arrangements for your procedure, we will give you detailed information on your payment options for the surgeon charges in accordance with your insurance plan, and we will collect the portion that is needed before the procedure, for your convenience we accept most major credit card, checks and Care Credit.

You will receive a phone call from the Hospital or Surgical Facility, to let you know the time you will need to report for your surgery; during this time of COVID-19 they will instruct you on the safety measures to avoid exposure to you and others.


Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight. This includes chewing gum, chewing tobacco, etc.. However if the doctor has requested to take some important medications you can swallow them with a SIP of water.

You should shower the evening before and the morning of the surgery using antibacterial soap as directed. If the office didn’t give you a supply of it, please find it at a grocery or drug store (DIAL WHITE ANTIBACTERIAL BAR SOAP is suggested) over the counter.


Please arrive at your instructed time and to the location they have instructed you. Make sure to have a phone number of the facility, so you will be able to contact them in case of emergency or delay from your part.


Here is a list of the most important points you will need to consider, as well as a list of the items you may take with you on the day of your surgery:

Instructions given by the office

Drivers License or ID Card

Insurance Card

List of Medications that you are taking with the dose

Advance Directive (if you have one)

Reading glasses, contact lenses (also take your saline solution case) hearing aids and/or dentures with the storage container

Cane or walker with your name

If you have any other medical assistive device for another medical condition, please bring it with you.

Wear casual, comfortable clothing

If you have relaxation music or you need to contact any of your family members, please bring your phone.

Please leave all valuables at home (including jewelry, credit cards, etc.) and please remove all body jewelry.

Do not wear fingernail polish or make up.

Do not come alone. You need a responsible adult to drive you home after your surgery.


On the pre-op visit you were instructed about this important aspect of your care after surgery.

At the surgical facility the nurse will provide pain management base on your pain rating using the Wong-Baker Pain Scale. (0-10)

0 = don’t hurt at all
1-2= hurts just a little bit
3-4= hurts a little more
5-6= hurts even more
7-8= hurts a whole lot
9-10= hurts as much as you can imagine.

If you have any questions please call us or the surgical facility. For more detailed information or for answers with some of your possible questions please visit our FAQ section.


You will be discharged by the surgical facility or hospital with all precise instructions, please follow them carefully. Every patient receives discharge instructions from the surgeon, as well as for the nurse in charge of you.

Because it is normal to feel dizzy and a little bit sleepy after your procedure, do not drive, sign important papers or make any significant decisions for 24 hours following your procedure.

This list below will help you to make easy your post-op phase:

Drink plenty of water,

Take walks (if instructed by the doctor) with the assistance of someone,

Eat and drink healthfully,

Consider having someone to help you at home, maybe a home care service to supplement your care.

Avoid Infection. Don’t touch the incisions or try to remove stiches or tapes by yourself, if it is not instructed. Keep your clothes and linens clean in order to avoid any infection.

Ask for support if you need

Get plenty of rest during those post-operative days; this will help you to recuperate faster and well.

Make your follow-up appointment at the time the doctor instructed when discharged. Attend the appointment.


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